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Assignment 1. F 1  = 20 N, 30 o  N of E F 2  = 30 N, 60 o  N of W Using component method, determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant. 2. Using the cosine and the sine law, determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant. F 1  = 80 N, 15 o  below (+) x-axis F 2  = 70 N, 30 o  W of S 3. Determine the magnitude and direction of the second vector if the first vector is 150 N, 60
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Unformatted text preview: o N of E and their resultant is 180 N, 40 o N of W. 4. Two vectors when added produced a resultant of magnitude 180 N, 44 o N of W. If one of the vectors is 150 N, 60 o N of E. Determine the magnitude and direction of the second vector by component method....
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