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Practice Set 2 for PHY11 - Δ p of the golf ball after...

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Practice Set 2 : Solve the following as neatly as possible. Use one problem per page. Answer must be legibly handwritten. Some answers are provided for your verification, in your paper you MUST show the complete solution. No formal solution, No points. 1. A 0.46kg golf ball dropped from rest at a height of 1.27m rebounds to a height of 0.87 m. (a) What is the coefficient of restitution ( ε ) of the golf ball? (b) What are the velocities of the ball before and after impact? (Ans : v = 4.989 m/s , downward and u = 4.129 m/s, upward) (c) What is the change in momentum (
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Unformatted text preview: Δ p) of the golf ball after impact (Ans : Δ p = 4.19 kg-m/s) 2. Two cars, an Escort and a Camaro are traveling at right angles collide and stick together. The Escort has a mass of 1200 kg and a speed of 30 km/hr going eastward before collision. The Camaro has a mass of 1500 kg and was traveling directly south. After collision the two cars coupled and move off at an angle of 64° S of E. (a) What was the speed of the Camaro before collision? (Ans : v = 49.21 km/hr) (b) What is the speed of the (crashed) cars right after collision?...
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