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Unformatted text preview: What Is a Student Portfolio? A Student Portfolio is a paper or electronic collection of documents that summarizes your academic and personal accomplishments in a way that effectively communicates with academic advisors and potential employers. 1 At a minimum, your portfolio should include the following: • an up-to-date professional résumé. • a listing of courses in your major and related fields of study. • a listing of your extra-curricular activities and any leadership posi- tions. • documentation of your career readiness in terms of skills and learn- ing outcomes. The purpose of a Student Portfolio is twofold—academic assessment and career readiness. 1. Academic Assessment Goal The Student Portfolio serves as an on- going academic assessment tool that documents your learning and academic accomplishments. As you progress through a curriculum, the portfolio depicts the progress you are making in acquiring the skills and competencies necessary to be successful in lifelong career pursuits. Over time, your portfolio will become increasingly sophisti- cated in the range and depth of learning and accomplishments that are documented. A well-prepared Student Portfolio is a very effective way of summarizing your academic achievements in consultation with both faculty advisors and professors. 2. Career Readiness Goal The Student Portfolio serves as an impor- tant means of communicating your résumé and credentials to potential employers, as you search for both internship and full-time job oppor- tunities. The portfolio is an effective career tool that offers value far be- yond the standard résumé. Potential employers can readily examine multiple aspects of your accomplishments and skill sets in order to make a desired match. A professional and complete portfolio allows po- tential employers to easily review your background and range of skills and capabilities. It may convey your potential to a much greater depth and with a more positive impression than a traditional résumé. There is no doubt that a professional and substantive portfolio can help set you apart from the competition and attract the interest of employers. Planning Your Student Portfolio Your Student Portfolio should document, in a progressive and clear man- ner, your credentials and academic work. As you progress through the curriculum in your major and supplementary fields of study, the portfo- lio should be refined and materials added to display your most up-to- date skills, competencies, and accomplishments. Use of the Management 11/e Skill and Outcome Assessment Framework, described shortly, will help you to do this. At my university we ask students to utilize the Minimum components of a Student Portfolio 1 The value and use of Student Portfolios are described by David S. Chappell and John R. Schermerhorn, Jr., in “Using Electronic Student Portfolios in Management Education: A Stakeholder Perspective,” Journal of Management Education, vol. 23 (1999), pp....
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student_portfolio_builder - What Is a Student Portfolio? A...

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