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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER THE COURT SYSTEM © Stanley A. Leasure PERSONNEL PERSONNEL Judges Jurors Lawyers JURISDICTION JURISDICTION Personal Jurisdiction Subject Matter Jurisdiction Federal Jurisdiction Federal question US a party Suits between states Diversity of citizenship Exclusive/Concurrent OTHER ISSUES OTHER Venue Standing to Sue ORGANIZATION OF COURTS ORGANIZATION Federal Courts U.S. Supreme Court Courts of Appeal District Court Missouri State Courts Missouri Supreme Court Courts of Appeal Circuit Court POWER OF JUDICIAL REVIEW POWER Legislative Acts Executive Acts Source of Power Marbury v. Madison Judicial Activism v. Judicial Restraint Judicial PRETRIAL PROCEDURES PRETRIAL Pleadings Complaint/Petition Service of Process Service Default Answer Discovery Motions Frivolous Cases TRIAL TRIAL Jury Selection Opening Statements Examination of Witnesses Closing Arguments Jury Instruction Verdict Post Trial Motions Post BURDEN OF PROOF BURDEN Civil Case Criminal Case POST TRIAL POST Nature of Review Nature Steps of Appellate Review APPEAL APPEAL Filing Briefs Nature of Appellate Review Higher Appellate Courts ...
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