Unit 3 IT153 Josh Nolan - something I find could be a very...

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Running head: UNIT 3 PROJECT 1 Unit 3 Project: Knowledge gained in IT153 IT153-02 Joshua Nolan Kaplan University Professor Lehoczky April 10, 2011
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Running head: UNIT 3 PROJECT 2 Knowledge gained in IT153 I have been working with excel for around ten years so, I had some working knowledge of excel before taking this class like functions, auto sum and some of the other basics of excel. Once again I have been proven wrong, through the first three weeks of IT153 I have learned a lot of new things some that I will be able to use later in life and some that I am just not sure how I will use those functions in my future career or life. The following three things are the most important features I have learned about so far in IT 153. Creating charts is a function of excel that no matter what your profession is you will be able to use. I currently use chart to see the efficiency of my workers in the warehouse to see how many order they fill as well as how much weight they have picked. Using the fill handle is
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Unformatted text preview: something I find could be a very effective tool for someone that is in the accounting business, it could literally save hours when used effectively. Performing web queries is not something that I can see myself using in my business or professional life, although I think its a very neat function that could be valuable to someones that was very involved in there 401k or stocks. After three weeks of m IT153 I think I have garnered a good deal of information, I sometimes struggle to know how the knowledge I learn in excel will transfer over to a career in the networking field. However, I do believe that any knowledge you gain in any type of computer related program will at some point in time help me in my future career, I am just unaware now how it will affect me in the end. I look forward to learning more about excel in the upcoming weeks. Running head: UNIT 3 PROJECT 3...
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Unit 3 IT153 Josh Nolan - something I find could be a very...

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