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Study Guide 1For Final, PolS 375, International Relations, Section 1, Tues-Th. 8-9:15 Professor Jonathan Graubart, Spring, 2011 Final will be held in class (Engineering 423) on Thursday, May 19, 8-10 am. As is the class policy, no make-ups are permitted unless there are documented emergencies or official exceptions granted by San Diego State University. If I do allow you to take a make-up exam, the exam will be more difficult, in terms of fewer choices on the short answers (this is unavoidable as I need to write a new exam). Format : The exam is broken up into two parts. The first part consists of short questions. You will be asked to answer 10 out of 15. Each short question is worth 2 points. You should allot roughly 30 minutes to this part. The second part consists of a long essay. It is worth 40 points. You should allot the remainder of the exam (90 minutes) to this part. The exam will be Closed Book . Anyone who is caught during the exam collaborating with other students or consulting readings or notes will receive a failure for the entire course and be reported to the Center For Students’ Rights and Responsibilities (Sorry for the harsh language but I include this information to discourage any temptation). Be sure to bring your own bluebook (bring 2 just in case). I. Short Answers: Questions will come from both lecture AND readings You should be able to answer each of these in a few sentences (and sometimes in just a few words). Consider how you would answer the question to an interested friend. For questions from lectures, base your answer on how the item was presented in lecture. For questions from readings, base your answer on how the item was explained in the readings. When you are asked to list a specific number of items you just have to list them. You don’t have to explain each item. Sometimes, you are only asked to provide a partial list rather than the entire list. A. The following are possible questions from the assigned readings. Harms, pps. 87-115 : 1. What were the 2 phases of the Arab-Israeli war that followed the passing of UN Resolution 181 in 1947? 2. How is the “David and Goliath” allegory commonly used to describe the 1948 Israeli-Arab war and what is wrong with this allegory? 3. What secret deal did King Abdullah of Transjordan make with Israel one week before the UN Resolution partition? 4. How did Egypt fare militarily in the 1956 Suez War and what effect did the war have on Nasser’s image in the Arab world? 5. List the different interpretations of the obligations of UN Security Council Resolution 242 by
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This note was uploaded on 05/19/2011 for the course POLI SCI 375 taught by Professor Graubart during the Spring '11 term at San Diego State.

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study guide for 375 final - Study Guide 1For Final, PolS...

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