ABSTRACT - shipments that operates a number of terminals strategically located across the United States They have two kinds of workers bid workers

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ABSTRACT Trucking company is one of the industries that require high capital investment. Its operations and maintenance cost worth millions of pesos here in the Philippines. To ensure a favorable contribution margin, maximization of resources must be done. This technique will also avoid non-value adding costs to the company. The linear programming method is one of the effective means to provide a beneficial resource allocation model. The technique aims to look for the maximum number of input to be used in the production and/or business processes. Moreover, it looks forward in computing the optimum input level that will minimize costs. INTRODUCTION Definition of the Problem: LTL Trucking Company specializes in less than truckload
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Unformatted text preview: shipments that operates a number of terminals strategically located across the United States. They have two kinds of workers: bid workers and casual workers. Bid workers are union employees who are guaranteed a 40-hour workweek while casual workers are hired temporarily for any number of hours to account for peak loads that may exceed the work capacity of available bid workers. The problem is to formulate a model that will determine the weekly assignment of bid workers. Significance: The problem signifies a scheduling problem where linear programming can be applied. Objectives: The study aims to show how to formulate a favorable scheduling of workers . hrough...
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