ie144.lab10 - using ProModel i n two hours Write your...

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Name: IE 144 LABORATORY WORKSHEET No. 10 Date: Name: Name: Section: The exercise covers statistical comparison of alternatives. d using ProModel in two hours. Write your answers at the back of this paper. A. Seven machines are being maintained by three repairmen, each one assigned in a mutually exclusive shift (10PM - 6AM, 6AM - 2PM, 2PM - 10PM). Each machine has a normally- distributed time between failures (actually, time between the start of the operation of the newly-repaired machine and the next failure) with parameters mean = 18 hours, and standard deviation of 5 hours. Meanwhile, repair time is uniformly distributed with min of 2.5 hours and max of 3.5 hours. Assume negligible transportation time. Using independent sampling, test the hypothesis that having two repairmen per shift will reduce total non-productive time of the seven machines (sum of repair time and waiting time). Use the back of this paper for computations. Be ready to answer oral questions from the instructor such as: "How many replicates were used?", "How did you determine/model the
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ie144.lab10 - using ProModel i n two hours Write your...

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