Final Market Analysis Paper

Final Market Analysis Paper - Market Analysis on the...

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Unformatted text preview: Market Analysis on the Feasibility of a Coffee Shop in Meycauayan City Lazarte, Norma Leao, Genelle Salvania, Marissa 1.0 INTRODUCTION Market study involves the analysis of product in relation to its market. This serves as a preliminary method for screening business ventures. This phase involves a search for any data that can be used to determine, separate, analyze and quantify a ventures potential market. Once the market study resulted in feasibility of venture ideas, the proponents can already move to the next phase the technical analysis. Hence, a very good scrutiny of the ventures potential market share is very important to make a valid analysis for the succeeding feasibility steps. 1.1 Rationale The increasing trend in coffee consumption triggers the proponents of this study to pursue a coffee shop in Meycauayan, Bulacan. It is quite natural for Filipinos to drink coffee especially in the morning. In fact, in Bulacan, coffee is one of the beverages that people store as common commodity. Every household keeps containers of coffee and sugar along with other households basic goods. Bulacan is a good place to venture on new business since the province is inviting investors to invest in the place. It is strategically located 27.5 km from Metro Manila. Moreover, the province ensures highly productive human resources, abundant natural resources, well-developed infrastructure support, reasonable cost of doing business, effective partnership of government and private sectors and favourable peace and order situation. Meycauayan is a relatively new city in Bulacan. It has been a city for 3 years now. Since then, a lot of industries came in, mostly promoting health and wellness as a lifestyle. The municipality of Meycauayan is also encouraging small business enterprises to open in the city. This is to ensure collection of taxes for the citys development, and to help alleviate poverty by providing jobs for the unemployed. The business can also support the Philippine coffee industry to gain new market opportunity. Coffee industry was once a booming industry before the coffee rust disease almost wipes it out in the 19 th century. Now, the increasing coffee trend can aid Filipino coffee farmers gain a stable market demand. 1.2 Objectives General Objectives: To know and measure if there really is a market for a coffee shop in Meycauayan. To identify potential competitors To allocate marketing budget Specific Objectives: To identify who the target market is, and where they are To identify where our potential market currently buy the product. To know the product mix to be provided. To determine the extra products or services that our potential market might look for in a coffee shop....
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Final Market Analysis Paper - Market Analysis on the...

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