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final tech study - Pinoy Cafe Technical Feasibility Study...

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Pinoy Cafe Technical Feasibility Study Lazarte, Leaño, Salvania 1.0 Background of the Study Technical study involves the analysis of the details necessary to develop a product or service. This phase of the feasibility study determines the technical feasibility of the new idea in terms of the inputs essential to the manufacture of a product, the expected output, and the building requirements and facilities needed in production. At the end of the study, a choice among the set of alternatives defined and cost estimates on fixed investment, manufacturing costs and expenses, and start-up costs and expenses should be provided. 1.1 Objectives To determine the technical feasibility of putting up a coffee shop in Meycauayan City o To determine the kinds of equipments to purchase (e.g. type of brewer, size of tables and chairs, utensils, etc.) o To quantify the capacity level of the business o To determine quantity of raw materials and inventory level that should be maintained. o To estimate the cost needed by the business Fixed investment (e.g. equipments and tools) Start-up costs and expenses (e.g. permits) Operational costs and expenses (e.g. raw materials, electricity, water, labor) 1.2 Scope, Assumptions and Limitations This study includes evaluation of different alternatives available in terms of materials and equipment needed in the coffee shop, estimation of inventory requirements, production or service process and schedule, estimation of manpower needed to meet the forecasted demand, space requirements, preliminary layout of the facility and its location. Processes will begin at procuring materials to delivering services to customers up to collecting feedback from customers. Planning the service schedule and capacity will be based on the demand forecast obtained from the market study.
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1.3 Methodology I. Based on the market study, determine the following: a. Number of chairs and tables needed in the shop to accommodate customers b. Number of cups, saucers and silverware needed to be available II. List down alternatives for the following: a. China ware and silverware b. Chairs and tables c. Coffee brewer III. Select the best alternative from the above list that will accommodate customers and promote the experience that the coffee shop sells IV. Choose sources or suppliers for the following: a. Coffee beans b. Pandesal c. Coffee brewer d. China ware e. Silverware f. Other items like sugar and cream V. Define the following processes (from procurement to distribution): a. Brewing the coffee b. Preparing the pandesal VI. Plan for capacity, how to accommodate customers in the shop VII. Plan for labourers VIII. Plan for facilities layout and design IX. Analyze costs and benefits X. Draw conclusions 2.0 Preliminary Information Requirements 2.1 Product Information Product Name: The product’s brand name will be Pinoy Cafe’. The name suggests that the business enterprise is offering Filipino coffee. Aside from the use of locally grown coffee beans, additional health benefits will be incorporated in the product. Most importantly, good taste shall
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