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University of the Philippines – Diliman Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research IE 143 Long Quiz Long Quiz 1 Perfect Score: 85 out of 75 General Instructions: 1. You may use only pens with Black or Blue ink; otherwise only 50% of score is recorded. 2. Final answers should be presented clearly. Should there be ambiguity on what your final answer is, you stand to lose all the points in that item. 3. Use only the right side of your bluebook. Use the left side for scratch. Writings on the left side will not be checked. 4. Sharing of calculators is prohibited. 5. Use of cell phones is prohibited. 6. Treat each question within a problem to be independent from the other questions, except when explicitly stated otherwise. 7. Each question is worth 5 points. 8. Give answers in fraction form or show five significant digits. DO NOT ROUND OFF INTERMEDIATE VALUES. Problem A Carding collects data on the text messages he receives. He reckons that arrivals of text messages from Globe, Smart, and Sun users are independent and Poisson-distributed. The means are 5 text messages per day from Globe, 4 from Smart, and 1 from Sun. Furthermore,
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IE143-LQ1 - University of the Philippines Diliman...

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