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IE143-SQ09 - NAME University of the Philippines Diliman...

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NAME: University of the Philippines – Diliman Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research IE 143 Short Quiz Short Quiz 9 10 out of 10 All answers and relevant solutions should be written on the back of this questionnaire or on the blank area at the bottom of this page. 1. You wish to rent a machine that gives some body measures (like height, weight, BMI) to be installed in your drugstore, Venus Drug. The arrival of customers to your store who have expressed interest in using such a machine follows a Poisson process with a mean of 5 customers per hour. Each user is charged at a fix rate of 5 pesos per use. However, service time for the machine varies from customer to customer and has a mean of 7.5 minutes, exponentially distributed. The company who leases out the machine charges per time the machine is in use, at a rate of X per hour in operation. a. What queuing model fits the system described? (1 point) b. Find P 0 . (1 point) c. Find W. (1 point) d. Find L. (1 point) e. What value for X will allow you to retain 10% of your revenue from the machine? (1 point)
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