F09 Bio1010 Exam Microbiology

Depending on the type of mutation mutated alleles may

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Unformatted text preview: encoding the polypeptide tRNA molecules (with attached amino acids) RNA polymerase All of the above are directly involved in translation. RNA polymerase is directly involved in transcription, not translation. 32. A black guinea pig is crossed with an albino guinea pig, and 12 black offspring result. When the albino guinea pig was crossed with second black guinea pig, 6 black offspring and 6 albino offspring were produced. What is the best explanation for this genetic situation? A. B. C. D. E. Albino is recessive; black is dominant. Black is recessive; albino is dominant. Albino and black are codominant. Incomplete dominance is occurring. Epistasis. 33. An organism’s phenotype is _____. A. B. C. D. its entire genome. determined only by the sequence of DNA in the organism’s alleles. the organism’s exhibited trait(s). the result of the blending of its parents’ phenotypes. 10 34. When two genes are located on different chromosomes, ____ of the offspring from a dihybrid testcross for genetic linkage should have a recombinant phenotype. A. B. C. D. over 75% about 50% about 25% under 10% The maximum frequency of recombination is 50%, indicating independent assortment (i.e., no linkage). 35. How many possible genotypes can result from a mating between individuals of genotypes GgFF and ggFf, assuming independent assortment of the genes? A. B. C. D. E. 16 8 6 4 2 Possible genotypes that could arise: GgFF ggFF GgFf ggFf 36. Assume that there is a recessive human genetic disorder that can be caused by different mutations in a particular protein ­coding gene. Depending on the type of mutation, mutated alleles may have a nonsense mutation early in the coding sequence, a missense mutation near the end of the coding sequence, or a silent mutation that can occur near the middle of the gene. Which of the following would be most likely? A. Individuals with nonsense mutations would be expected to have more severe cases of the disease than those with silent mutations. B. Individuals with silent mutations would be expected to have more severe cases of the disease than those with missense mutations. C. The presence of a mutated allele (of any known mutation type)...
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