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CEE 153 07 Midterm and solutions

CEE 153 07 Midterm and solutions - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA...

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Page 1 of 4 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES Civil and Environmental Engineering Department CEE 153 Introduction to Environmental Engineering Science Fall Term 2007 T-Th 2-4 PM 4000A Math Science Prof. K. D. Stolzenbach 5732J Boelter Hall, 206-7624 [email protected] Mid-term Examination (2:00-3:50 PM Thursday November 8) _____________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING Students are allowed to bring one page (both sides, approximately 8.5 × 11 inches) of summary notes with them into the examination room. No other material such as textbooks, class notes, or homework is permitted. This exam has two problems with multiple sub-parts. The credit for each subpart is indicated. Before you start, make sure all pages of your examination copy are legible. Credit will be given for problems worked correctly even if the correct numerical answer is not obtained. Be sure to indicate clearly how you are approaching the problem. Answers obtained in correct algebraic form with defined variables and parameters will be given full credit. If you have to leave the room for any reason during the exam, please do so quietly without asking. If you have a question during the exam, raise your hand and, if you are in the center of a row, come to the side isle. There are no long or tricky answers. If you find yourself doing anything long or tricky, stop and reevaluate your approach. In general, getting the correct answer to one sub-part of a problem should not depend on solving the other parts of the same problem, although you may need to use information given in another sub-part. THE LAST PAGE CONTAINS USEFUL FORMULAS AND QUANTITIES
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Page 2 of 4 1. A watershed with area A w = 10 5 m 2 runs off into a river with steady flow Q R = 10 4 m 3 /day and cross-sectional area A R = 10 m 2 . A storm results in a total precipitation P = 0.01 m, of which a fraction E = 0.001 m evaporates. Infiltration may be considered negligible.
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CEE 153 07 Midterm and solutions - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA...

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