Chp+1+-+Intro+to+Law - Mission College Paralegal Program...

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Unformatted text preview: Mission College Paralegal Program: Chp 1 - Intro to Law Law 10-Tes ts Chapter 1 - Intro to Law MULTIPLE CHOICE QUES TIONS 1. To Pete, the written law of a particular s ociety at a particular time is mos t s ignificant. Pete is a. a legal pos itivis t. b. a legal rationalis t. c. a legal realis t. d. a pers on who adheres to the natural law tradition. 2. The River City Council, the S anta Clara County Board, the Texas s tate legis lature, and the U.S . Congres s enact laws . Thes e laws cons titute a. adminis trative law. b. cas e law. c. s tare decis is . d. s tatutory law. 3. The U.S . Congres s enacts a new federal s tatute that s ets different s tandards for the liability of bus ines s es s elling defective products . This s tatute applies a. only to matters not covered by s tate law. b. only to thos e s tates that adopt the s tatute. c. to all of the s tates . d. to none of the s tates . 4. If a provis ion in the Florida s tate cons titution conflicts with a provis ion in the U.S . Cons titution a. neither provis ion applies . b. the provis ions are balanced to reach a compromis e. c. the s tate cons titution takes precedence. d. the U.S . Cons titution takes precedence. 5. Mary is a cons ultant to the National Conference of Commis s ioners on Uniform S tate Laws . This organization a. adopts uniform laws for the s tates .a....
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Chp+1+-+Intro+to+Law - Mission College Paralegal Program...

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