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% % epilogue.ps % % This file can be used to add custom PostScript code that you % wish to have executed at the end of every PostScript job % being distilled. If the option labelled "Use Prologue.ps and % Epilogue.ps" is selected in the "Advanced" panel of the "Job % Options" dialog, the contents of this file will be executed % after the actual PostScript file is run. This file is executed % when the "UsePrologue" parameter is set to "true" in the job % options file. This file is usually located in Distiller's "Data"
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Unformatted text preview: % directory, but it may in fact reside anywhere in the same folder % or directory as the Distiller application. This file can be used % for a variety of purposes, including running PostScript procedures % for summarizing and printing job statistics collected during % distillation. % (Processing epilogue.ps. ..\n) print flush ( % Insert your custom PostScript here. .. % (Done processing epilogue.ps.\n) print flush ( % End of file....
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