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Eclipse Movie Review - to keep Bella the klutz and her...

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Grangard Bria Grangard Mrs.Smith AP Lang/Period 1 21 January 2011 Blood Thirsty Newborns, On the Prowl! Fierce! Vicious! Unreal! The new hit movie, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is a box money winner that will easily win over many hearts. Including action, romance, and suspense this is a movie for all audiences! It is time for Bella, the newly inhabitant of Forks, to decide her love triangle, will Bella finally make her choice? Shall it be the porcelain skinned, sparkling, and suave Edward Cullen? Or on the other hand should Bella choose the tan and sexy werewolf Jacob Black? Fire-haired Victoria is seeking revenge after the death of her love James. With an army of blood-thirsty newborns on the prowl for Bella will the small clan of vampires be able
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Unformatted text preview: to keep Bella, the klutz, and her father, Charlie the police officer, safe? With a dash of romance and a kindle of relationships, Bella tries to establish equilibrium between Edward as her soul mate and Jacob as her best friend. Is that even possible to do? Is it possible to have a best friend as a werewolf and soul mate as a vampire. What did Bella get herself into? A heartfelt story, with violent and gory battles to make you squirm in your seat, this is a grade A movie. So go out and feel the romance, action, and see the irony to what happens in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse! Who will you choose? Team Edward? Team Jacob? Bella made her choice, now it’s your turn! 1...
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