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FRECI_5-1 - 6 Branch Offices • Registrations are not...

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1 Florida Real Estate Commission Course I Pre-Licensing Course for Sales Associates Session 5 – Lecture 1 Real Estate Brokerage Activities Copyright, 2004 2 Lecture Preview What will you learn from this lecture? Identify the types of brokerage offices Identify the requirements of brokerage offices Copyright, 2004 3 Vocabulary Terms Branch office Principal office Temporary shelter Copyright, 2004 4 Brokerage Offices Active brokers must have an office Principal office (can be a residence if zoned, proper signage) Stationary building with one enclosed room or more Maintain all files and records Register office with DBPR Copyright, 2004 5 Branch Offices Register each, pay appropriate fees FREC may require a branch office if warranted by business conducted Branch office registration required if advertising leads public to believe that the location is an office of the broker Copyright, 2004
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Unformatted text preview: 6 Branch Offices • Registrations are not transferable (may re-open at same location) • New registration and fee for each new branch office (Cont’d) Sales associates are not permitted to open their own office. Must register and work out of broker’s principal or branch office . 2 Copyright, 2004 7 Temporary Shelter • Protection from the elements • Sales associates are not assigned to the location • Sales supplies are not kept on site • Sales transactions are not concluded Temporary shelters in a new subdivision are not required to be registered as long as: Copyright, 2004 8 Which is An Acceptable Real Estate Office Under Florida Law (F.S. 475)? Stand or Kiosk? (Mall location?) Vehicle? Garage? What about a mobile home? Copyright, 2004 9 End of Lecture At the conclusion of this lecture, complete Quiz 5-1 in the course....
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FRECI_5-1 - 6 Branch Offices • Registrations are not...

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