FRECI_5-7 - must be sent to DBPR w/in 30 days Copyright...

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1 Florida Real Estate Commission Course I Pre-Licensing Course for Sales Associates Session 5 – Lecture 7 Real Estate Brokerage Activities Copyright, 2004 2 Lecture Preview What will you learn from this lecture? The proper handling of rental lists for a fee Copyright, 2004 3 Vocabulary Terms No terms this lecture! Copyright, 2004 4 Rental Companies Anyone who advertises rental property information or rental lists is acting as a broker and must be licensed! Copyright, 2004 5 Rental Lists Licensees who attempt to negotiate a rental or provide rental information to a prospective tenant for a fee must provide a contract or receipt which outlines the repayment of such fee under certain conditions The contract or receipt agreement must comply with FREC’s requirements A copy of the receipt used by the broker
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Unformatted text preview: must be sent to DBPR w/in 30 days Copyright, 2004 6 Rental Lists (Cont’d) • 75% refund of fee if no rental obtained • 100% refund if outdated or materially inaccurate • Must be requested with in 30 days of contract or receipt Conditions under which a prospective tenant is entitled to part or full refund of rental list fee: 2 Copyright, 2004 7 Inaccurate Rental Lists • Up to $1000 fine, and/or • Up to 1 year imprisonment, and possibly • License suspension, or • Revocation of license Advertising outdated or materially inaccurate rental lists is illegal! Violation is a 1 st degree misdemeanor! Copyright, 2004 8 End of Lecture At the conclusion of this lecture, complete Quiz 5-7 in the course....
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FRECI_5-7 - must be sent to DBPR w/in 30 days Copyright...

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