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Unformatted text preview: 2 Nov Globalism Chap. 15 & Ppt 11A • In a globalizing world, wealth, images, people, things, and ideologies are deterritorialized. (Our traditional assumptions about continuities and gradations of space, cultural traits, and the populations that have those traits can all be thrown into question. - The “local” may have far less integrity that it initially appears to have. Ditto with the “traditional.”) • Some groups in some parts of the worked benefit from global flows, contacts, and exchanges, whereas others are bypassed entirely, and still others are subjected to grinding extraction of labor and resources. • How are local details (economies, identities, etc.) affected by global forces? • Benedict Anderson’s 1983 volume “Imagined Communities set the anthropological foundations for conceiving of how nation states and the practices of nationalism constituted themselves into coherent...
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