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Anth. 101 Notes 6

Anth. 101 Notes 6 - 30 Nov Human Evolution Chap 5 Ppt 15A...

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30 Nov “Human Evolution” Know at least one reason Homo erectus is no longer considered the logical link between Homo sapiens and more primitive hominids? o Long lasting, successful species (lasted 1.3 Million years) Where did Homo sapiens originate? o Africa Briefly explain the replacement model vs. the regional continuity model of human evolution. o Replacement model = One subpopulation of H. Erectus, in Africa, underwent a rapid spurt of evolution to produce H. Sapiens. Sapiens would then reproduce and replace Erectus o Regional Continuity model = Evolution of Erectus to Sapiens occurred gradually over time. Model depends on gene flow How many species of human were there about 300,000 years ago. Who were they and what happened to each species? o Three: Homo Erectus (Died out due to presence of Sapiens), Homo Neanderthalis (Died out due to presence of Sapiens), Homo Sapiens (Still here) Died out could mean replacement or gradual evolution into Sapiens
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