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Anth. 101 Notes 8 - ancestor 130,000 years ago? Where were...

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2 Dec Human Evolution (“ Mysteries… ” and “ Family Tree… ”) Readings Humans seem to have gotten modern anatomy as much as 200,000 years ago. But when did humans get “modern minds?” What is the evidence for this? o Modern minds at 50,000 years ago o Creation ritual sites, elaborate graves, and jewelry Cultural items How might the human tendency for “othering” fit into the evolutionary drama of what happened between humans and our closest “sibling species”? o Humans, perhaps, had encounters with sibling species, but outlived them through better adaptations Have we stopped evolving? How do we know? o Not at all, there is still constant environmental change, which we, in turn, must adapt o We don’t really know, it’s a complete guessing game o We don’t observe human evolutional changes overnight What is the implication for other human species of the apparent fact that all humans share a common
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Unformatted text preview: ancestor 130,000 years ago? Where were all human ancestors when this happened? o There were multiple homo species on the earth at the same time, Sapiens were not the only ones o Sapiens come on the scene and then Neanderthals and Erectus fell off the map 7 Dec Archaeology discussions (“Worst Mistake…” and “Dr. Dickson’s…) Readings • In “Disease and Death at Dr. Dickson’s Mounds” Goodman and Armelagos did careful scientific research. What is the main reason their conclusion cannot be accepted at face value? o Disease and Death Comparison between pre-agricultural to agricultural • Complexity increased with agriculture Good science with bad assumptions There are always assumptions….always...
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