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EECS 280 Discussion Notes - Week 5 Outline ------- 1) Arrays: declaration and uses, strings as arrays 2) Pointers: conceptual 3) Passing pointers as arguments 4) The array/pointer relationship and pointer arithmetic Arrays ------ As discussed in class, an array is a declaration method that allows one to group together multiple instances of an object type while addressing them using a common variable name. For example, a declaration like: int myarr[10]; assigns memory for 10 integers counted from 0. .9 (remember how computer scientists count!). In other words, you can access these integers as a[0], a[1]. ..a[9]. We could have done this alternately (using traditional variable declaration technique) as: int myarr_0, myarr_1, myarr_2, myarr_3, myarr_4, myarr_5, myarr_6, myarr_7, myarr_8, myarr_9; Now, you can see how time consuming this can become. Imagine declaring 100 integers using this traditional method, gasp!. What if you now needed 101 integers, how would you have to change your program? Challenge: find the maximum integer among 100 integers. Think about getting all 100 integers from the user, and then finding the maximum value. One Solution: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main( void ) { int a[100]; int curr_max = -100000; for ( int i=0; i<100; i++ ) { cin >> a[i]; } for ( int i=0; i<100; i++ ) { if( a[i] > curr_max ) { curr_max = a[i]; }
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} cout << "Maximum value in the array: " << curr_max; return 0; } Some uses of arrays: 1. To declare multiple variables of same type. 2. To access variables one after another in a loop. 3. To pass many variables to a function calls. 4. Quick access to a random index, say a[6] (compare to calling list_first() multiple times). Misc notes:
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week5 - EECS 280 Discussion Notes - Week 5 Outline -1)...

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