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APA Style I. Writing Style A) Title 1) summarizes main idea of paper 2) should be fully explanatory while standing alone 3) AVOID i. abbreviations ii. starting your title with words such as “A study of” or “An Experiment of “ B) Abstract 1) Should be well-organized, brief and self- contained. 2) Conserve characters by i. using digits for numbers ii. appropriate abbreviations iii. active voice 3) Avoid giving subjective commentary C) Introduction 1) Present problem and describe the research strategy briefly 2) Ask yourself (and be sure to answer these questions in the paper) a) What is the point of this study? Why am I doing this, and why is it important? b) How do the hypothesis and the experimental design relate to the problem? c) What are the implications of this study and how does this relate to previous research? d) These points should be covered in the first 2 paragraphs 3) Develop background (this is where the lit review fits in) a) discuss research pertinent to your particular topic- the review need not be exhaustive. b) Be careful with citations. i. If you are conveying another author’s idea then you need to reference it (Author, 1997). ii. If you are using another author’s words, then put quotation marks around it AND reference it using Author(s) last name(s), year, and page number (for long quotes, ones longer than 40 words, block indent). iii. BEWARE OF PLAGERISM!!! Most research is built upon the foundation of others’ findings. You are not expected to have thought of everything related to the topic of interest on your own. It is acceptable to convey another author’s point of view or research findings- JUST MAKE SURE YOU REFERENCE IT PROPERLY!!! c) Talk about your study. Define variables, describe your hypothesis, what you expected to find and why? D) Method 1) Describes in detail how you performed your research. 2) Allows others to evaluate your methodology.
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3) Researchers should be able to replicate your design from your description. 4) Identify appropriate subsections a.) Participants i. An adequate description of the participants allows one to draw inferences about generalizability. ii. Include how the participants were selected and how they were assigned to conditions. Were they volunteers? Were they randomly selected or assigned? Did they respond to advertisements? iii. Be sure to describe relevant demographic information. iv. Discuss compensation for participation. (given extra credit points for a psychology class, money, free medication etc) v. State the total number of participants and any that failed to complete the study (i.e. how many dropped out, how many cases were included, how many cases were dropped from analysis) b) Materials or Measures i. What materials were used?
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APAStyleOutline - APA Style I. Writing Style A) Title 1)...

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