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HMWK3F03 - do with z-scores that we cannot do with raw...

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PSY 3213-2003 Homework 3 Homework 3 (10 points) z-Scores and the Normal Curve 1. For our Facial Attractiveness data, consider the first dependent variable (FACE_Q1). Find the maximum and minimum z scores for each of the two conditions (1 point). For the same data, show boxplots and stem-leaf diagrams for the two distributions, that is, for the two conditions (2 points). 2. In general, why would we want to use z-scores instead of raw scores? What can we
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Unformatted text preview: do with z-scores that we cannot do with raw scores? (2 points) 3. Assume a hypothetical distribution in which Mean= 46, Mode = 50, Median = 44 SD 2 = 9, SD=? For this data set, what raw scores correspond to: (1/2 point each) a. z = +1 b. z = -1 c. z = +2 d. z = -2 4. What are the z-scores that represent the mean, median, and modal raw scores in the data set (same data as problem 3)? (3 points)...
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