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PSY 3213-2003 Homework 5 Homework 5 t-tests (10 points) For this problem, you will be analyzing the same data in three different ways. You will do the calculations both by hand and using SPSS (you have to report both for credit for each relevant item). Read the instructions for each part carefully and be sure to show your work. Use the six-step procedure you learned in lecture and lab for determining statistical significance. You should explain your results for each part and why they are the same as -- or different from -- the other part. A researcher working in the "Widgets R Us" factory is conducting a study to evaluate the efficiency of two different workstation layouts. The dependent measure is the number of widgets per shift that an employee produces. Your data: Layout 1 245 195 150 215 180 280 200 130 250 160 Layout 2 285 200 180 155 220 305
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Unformatted text preview: 225 165 275 160 1. Compute a Single Sample t Ignore the Layout information. Assume that all 20 data points come from different people. Test the hypothesis that in the population, the value of the mean is 200 against the alternative that the population mean is not 200. Show the following: Null and alternative hypotheses, sample mean, SD, and standard error. Report the obtained value of t , the df , and the critical value of t for alpha = .05. Report your conclusion. (5 points) 2. Compute an Independent Samples t Assume that the design has ten different people assigned to each of the two layouts. Test the hypothesis that the population means for the two layouts are the same. Show null and alternative hypotheses, report means and standard deviations for both displays. Report t , df , and the critical value of t. What is your conclusion? (5 points)...
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