hmwk9 - Psy 3213 Fall 2003 1 Homework 9 Correlation...

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Psy 3213 Fall 2003 1 1 Homework 9 Correlation & Regression Recall that in previous homeworks, the researcher was studying whether workstation layout and handedness affected the number of widgets employees were able to produce per shift. The researcher is now interested in whether personality traits can be used to select people who will be effective employees. Every widget that is produced at the "Widgets R Us" factory is inspected for possible defects. Defective widgets are very costly to "Widgets are Us" so the researcher is interested in selecting employees who produce the fewest defective widgets. The employees who produce fewe r defective widgets are considered to be more effective employees. In order to conduct the study, the researcher has recorded the number of defective widgets produced by 15 employees (selected randomly from all "Widgets R Us" Widget assemblers) over a 1 week period. The researcher also administered the IPIP Conscientiousness scale to the 15 employees to measure the personality trait Conscientiousness. You will be doing calculations by hand and SPSS. Read the instructions for each part carefully and be sure to label your SPSS output. Be sure to attach copies of your SPSS printout to this sheet. Note:
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hmwk9 - Psy 3213 Fall 2003 1 Homework 9 Correlation...

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