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PSY 3213 Fall 2003 Homework 4 1 Homework 4 – APA Format (10 points) Your assignment is to write the title page, introduction, methods and references sections of your Facial Attractiveness paper, and to bring 2 paper copies to your next lab section. [Because you have not yet completed the data analysis, you will defer writing the abstract, results and discussion.] You will be handing one copy to your lab instructor and handing the other copy to someone else in the lab chosen for you at random.
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Unformatted text preview: You will receive another person’s paper at random to check during the next lab. That is, we will be exchanging papers in the lab. Take a look at what the lab notes say about the sections of an APA paper, review Appendix A in Heiman (or the APA manual if you have it), and review the material in Lab 4. The title page and reference sections are worth 2 points each; the intro and methods sections are worth 3 points each....
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