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Homework 6 Research Methods Fall 2003 1 Homework 6 Questionnaire Development Part 1 Your job is to write a total of 5 questions that might be used to measure individual differences in behavior related to one of the Big Five dimensions. During class, your Lab Section chose one of the Big Five dimensions to study (OCEAN). The Big Five Dimension you chose was: We then choose a behavior or related behaviors to study. The behavior was supposed to be related to the Big Five scale. The behavior(s) we chose to study was (were): Write questions along with the response options for each question. The questions should be behavioral (capable of being observed), clear, direct and relevant to the construct of interest. (5 points)
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Unformatted text preview: Part 2 Layout 1 245 195 150 215 180 280 200 130 250 160 Layout 2 285 200 180 155 220 305 225 165 275 160 Compute a Dependent Samples t Reconsider the data from the last homework. Re-analyze the data using a t-test for dependent samples, assuming the scores under each display are given in order by participant (e.g., employee 1 scored 245 on layout # 1 and 285 on layout # 2, employee 2 scored 195 on layout # 1 and 200 on layout # 2, etc., so there are 10 employees total, rather than 20). Use α = .05, 2-tailed test. Show null and alternative hypotheses, the mean and SD of the difference scores, the statistical part ( t, df, p ) and your conclusion. What layout would you recommend to the widget factory? (5 points)...
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