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hw2CT_F03 - Scores on the scale could range from 10 to 50...

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PSY 3213-2003 Homework 2 Homework 2 (10 points ) Central Tendency and Variability This homework is to be completed both by conducting calculations by hand as well as using SPSS. Complete the calculations first by hand, and then using SPSS. Check your answers to determine whether your hand calculations are correct. If not, check your hand calculations to see why the answers done by hand do not match those calculated by SPSS. Be sure to attach any extra sheets that show your hand calculations and the SPSS printout. The following data represents a sample of students' scores on a scale of risk-taking. High scores represent an affinity toward taking risks. Low scores represent a dislike for engaging in risky behaviors.
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Unformatted text preview: Scores on the scale could range from 10 to 50. Round calculations and report answers out to 2 decimal places as applicable. Hand calculations 18 42 17 16 14 14 14 17 17 18 30 21 16 21 41 21 18 22 1. For the total group (all 21 scores), calculate the following measures of central tendency: (5 points total) a. Mode b. Median c. Mean 16 15 12 (Note: for SPSS, you should enter the data as one column.) 2. For the total group, what is the: (be sure to show your work) (5 points total) d. Range e. Variance (SD 2 ) f. Standard deviation (SD) (Note: SPSS uses N-1 as the denominator.)...
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