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International Trade Debate 1 International Trade Debate – Part 2 Connie G. Harris Axia College ECO_205
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International Trade Debate 2 Unrestricted international trade is hazardous to the U.S. economy. Not only does unrestricted international trade have a negative affect on our economy, it can also have a negative affect on those who purchase them. Any kind of trade that is without some type of regulation could produce defective, even dangerous products. Case in point, in one of their business reports, MSNBC (2007) reported that almost nine million toys that were made in China were recalled due to their being coated with lead paint or they contained pieces that were small enough to be swallowed by children or pets. If there were regulations against these kinds of toys, and those regulations were enforced, we would not have had the recalls, the added danger to our children, and the additional monies it cost U.S. toy distributors to accept and return the merchandise. Jump to CNN’s (2007) report on the one million toys recalled by Fisher-Price, and
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WK4_CkPt_Intl_Trade_Debate_Pt2 - International Trade Debate...

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