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Unformatted text preview: HW_1 2. Basic Problems (30 points) BME_311 3. Comprehensive Problem (20 points) PSpice prepara;ons BME_311 MatLAB prepara;ons BME_311 Matlab •  1 d •  2 d or all of them •  3 It does division in the reverse direc<on •  4 who ‐ list of variables in use •  whos ‐ list of variables in use with details like variable type, etc •  5 An inline func<on cannot be used. Reason‐ inline func<on has to be defined in 1 line/ instruc<on. Fibonacci series cannot be generated in one single instruc<on. Linear Algebra ques<ons 1. Prove BME_311 2. Use Euler’s formula to prove ...
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