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Reproduction and Chromosome Transmission

Record the results eye color and sex of the f1

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Unformatted text preview: g red-eyed female. Record the results (eye color and sex) of the F1 generation offspring. Cross F1 offspring to each other to obtain F2 offspring and record their eye color and sex. In a separate experiment, perform a test cross between a white-eyed male and a redeyed female from the F1 generation and record the results. However, white eye color s howed up only in males – all of the F2 females had red eyes, while 50% of the F2 males had red eyes and 50% had white eyes 9 The data and interpreting the data (Figure 3.19). When a white-eye male was crossed to a red-eye female, all offspring in the F1 generation had red eyes, indicating that the white-eye trait was recessive. When the F1 generation was mated to each other, none of the F2 females had white eyes. This suggested that the pattern of transmission from parent to offspring depends on the sex of the offspring and the alleles that they carry. Genes, such as the ones in Morgan’s study, are called X-linked genes (alleles). Morgan also conducted a testcross to further prove an X-linked...
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