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submit280_info - and mails it to our grading machine with a...

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The submission script is now available. It lives in our course directory (/afs/engin.umich.edu/class/perm/eecs280), and is called submit280. The syntax is submit280 <projnum> <files. ..> where <projnum> is the project number (in this case, 1), and <files> is the list of files that you are submitting. To use it, you must be on one of the loginlinux machines. First change directories to where your solution is, and then: red% ls CVS p1.cpp red% /afs/engin.umich.edu/class/perm/eecs280/submit280 1 p1.cpp Preparing to submit the following files: p1.cpp Submit these files? Type y or RETURN to submit, anything else to abort: Submission successful. You should receive an acknowledgment from [email protected] for this submission. red% The submit280 script packages your submission up in an email message,
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Unformatted text preview: and mails it to our grading machine, with a carbon-copy to my email account. The grading machine checks the current time to make sure your message is received before the deadline. If so, you will shortly receive an email message in response that looks something like this: This message was sent by an automated reply program. Please do not reply to this message. We received the project submission that you sent: To: [email protected] Subject: EECS280 Project 1 Submission Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 21:49:35 -0500 Your project was received before the deadline. It will be graded, unless you submit another on-time version. DO NOT DELETE THIS MESSAGE!...
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