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Chapter 29, Page 1 BCH 4054 Chapter 29 Lecture Notes Slide 1 Chapter 29 DNA: Genetic Information, Recombination, and Mutation Slide 2 DNA as the Genetic Material • Griffith Experiment on pneumococcal transformation (Fig 29.1) • Avery, MacLeod and McCarty showed the principle was DNA • Hershey-Chase experiment on bacteriophage infection (Fig 29.3) • DNA and coat protein labeled differently. Slide 3 Recombination of DNA • Mendel recognized how genes could rearrange in different combinations, with some genes being linked and sorting together • Explained by random sorting of chromosomes • Some linkages weren’t complete, with some rearrangement of pieces of chromosomes
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Chapter 29, Page 2 Slide 4 Recombination in Meiosis • Sister chromatids pair duing meiosis • Chromosome ends can exchange in a process called “crossing over” • Occurs with equal probability along entire chromosome • Frequency of recombination measures distance between genes, and is used for mapping Slide 5 Importance of Recombination • Phenomenon seen in many different situations • Provides a means for nature to “experiment” • Probably important in evolution of new combinations of genes and pieces of genes • Also important in salvaging damaged genes • Lets look at some specific examples Slide 6 Recombination in Bacteria • Lederberg-Tatum experiments on rearrangement of genes between strains of bacteria (Fig 29.4) • Explanation comes from sexual conjugation followed by genetic recombination • F factor is plasmid carrying genes for conjugation (Fig 29.6)
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Chapter29 - BCH 4054 Chapter 29 Lecture Notes Slide 1...

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