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BCH 4054 December 14, 2000 FINAL EXAM NAME_____________________ This exam consists of six pages. Make sure you have one of each. For questions indicating a choice, answer only one of the choices. (If you answer both, you need to indicate which answer is to be counted, otherwise the first one will be graded.) A seventh page contains the genetic code. You may tear that page off and use it for scratch work. Good luck, and have a nice Christmas. Page Points 1 ____ 2 ____ 3 ____ 4 ____ 5 ____ 6 ____ Total ______ Answer question 1 or 2 (12) 1. Mitochondria can oxidize succinate to fumarate by catalyzing the following overall reaction: succinate + 1/2 O 2 ----> fumarate + H 2 O (a) Calculate ÄG o ' for this reaction (F = 96.5 kJ/volt) (E’ o succinate/fumarate = 0.031 volt; E’ o H 2 O/O 2 = 0.82 volt) (b) Give the intermediate re-dox carriers which participate in this reaction in the order in which the electrons are passed (not just the complexes, but the components of the complexes). (c) Explain the reasoning by which one concludes that this process is coupled to the formation of 1.5 moles of ATP. (12) 2. ATP synthesis in chloroplasts has many similarities to that in mitochondrial complex III. Compare and contrast these two systems by drawing diagrams of the mitochondrial inner membrane and the thylakoid membrane showing the identity , location and orientation of the following components in each: a quinone, cytochromes, a peripheral membrane protein, the ATP synthase. How does the nature of the proton motive force differ in the two systems?
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BCH 4054 –FINAL EXAM Page 2 Name________________________ Answer 3 or 4 (12) 3. Calculate the number of ATP's that can be obtained from oxidation of stearic acid (C
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finalexam(1) - BCH 4054 December 14, 2000 FINAL EXAM NAME_...

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