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BCH 4054 December 13, 1999 FINAL EXAM NAME_____________________ This exam consists of six pages. Make sure you have one of each. For questions indicating a choice, answer only one of the choices. (If you answer both, you need to indicate which answer is to be counted, otherwise the first one will be graded.) A seventh page contains the genetic code. You may tear that page off and use it for scratch work. Good luck, and have a nice Christmas. Page Points 1 ____ 2 ____ 3 ____ 4 ____ 5 ____ 6 ____ Total ______ Answer question 1 or 2 (10 points) 1. Explain how epinephrine stimulates the breakdown of glucose (glycolysis) in muscle. (Note: I am not talking about breakdown of glycogen, but of glucose). Identify the glycolytic enzyme stimulated, the compound causing the stimulation, and all the signaling intermediates involved in producing this compound. 2, The liver cannot synthesize glucose from fatty acids, but it can make some glucose from fat by metabolizing glycerol. Glycerol released from adipose tissue when fats are hydrolyzed can be taken up by liver and converted to glycerol-3-phosphate by the enzyme glycerokinase . Show the overall pathway by which the following reaction can occur, giving all intermediates involved (names or structures), and summarize the overall stoichiometry (i.e. net production or utilization of NADH, CoQH 2 , ATP, and GTP). 2 glycerol glucose
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BCH 4054 –FINAL EXAM Page 2 Name________________________ Answer question 3 or 4 (8 points) 3. The Calvin Benson Cycle converts CO 2 into carbohydrate. The pathway requires NADPH and ATP and involves an enzyme found in the pentose phosphate pathway. Identify the following
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finalexam - BCH 4054 FINAL EXAM NAME Page This exam...

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