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BCH 4054 March 23, 2001 HOUR TEST 3 NAME_____________________ Points (12) 1. Bacterial fatty acid synthesis from acetyl-CoA and malonyl-CoA requires six enzymatic steps involving seven separate proteins. Give the reactants and products of each step (names or structures) and the name (or abbreviation) of the enzyme catalyzing that step. Page Points 1 ____ 2 ____ 3 ____ 4 ____ Total ______ (8) 2. Radioactive acetate labeled in the carboxyl carbon ([1-C 14 ]-acetate) was injected in a rat and subsequently several radioactive products were isolated. For each of the following compounds, draw the structure and circle the carbon atoms of the compound you would expect to contain radioactivity. (a) mevalonic acid (b) squalene (c) palmitic acid (d) arachidonic acid
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BCH 4054 --Hour Test 3 Page 2 Name________________________ 3. Many biosynthetic reactions involve the input of energy from ATP. For the lipid (fatty acid and sterol) biosynthesis reactions we have studied, identify (by giving reactants and products—structure or name) the steps requiring ATP in: (9) (a) sterol biosynthesis (3 steps). (3)
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Test3(2) - BCH 4054 Points(12 1 HOUR TEST 3 NAME Page...

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