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Pre-Test3 - BCH 4054 July 7 2000 PRE-TEST 3 GROUP NAME This...

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BCH 4054 July 7, 2000 PRE-TEST 3 GROUP NAME ____________________ This test is take-home and open book, and it is intended that all members of the group contribute to completing it. Only one copy is to be submitted by the group, and all members who participated should sign their names below. Test is due by noon on Monday, July 17. Please use dark pencil or ink and write legibly . ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ Page Points 1 ______ 2 ______ 3 ______ 4 ______ 5 ______ Total ______ Points (8) 1. To illustrate the importance of tautomeric structure in the Watson-Crick base pairing, draw base pair structures showing how cytosine in the less stable tautomer can base pair with adenine , and how guanine in a less stable tautomer can base pair with thymine . (4) 2. Explain why RNA is sensitive to hydrolysis in base, but DNA is not. (8) 3. You have prepared DNA from two organisms isolated from the swamps of south Georgia, designated culture A and culture B . DNA from culture A contains 24% G, while DNA from culture B contains 30% G. Complete the following table for the expected composition of the other purine and pyrimidine bases. %G %A %T %C Total Culture A 24 ____ ____ ____ 100% Culture B 30 ____ ____ ____ 100% DNA from which organism will have the higher melting temperature?
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BCH 4054 -- Pre Test 3 Page 2 Group Name _____________________ (6) 4. Denaturing DNA by increasing the temperature is sometimes called "melting". What changes occur upon melting in: (a) the secondary structure of DNA?
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