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aq28Jan1 - businessman paid for by his company g A pen a...

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Which of the following are examples of intermediate goods in national income accounting? a. A pen you buy to take notes in class; b. A pen Publix buys for its check-out staff; c. A pen FSU buys for departmental staff; d. A pen Leon County Sheriff buys for patrol deputies; e. A pen Flagler College buys for its Registrar’s office; f.A pen sold by Staples to a visiting Canadian
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Unformatted text preview: businessman, paid for by his company; g. A pen a gas station buys for shoppers to sign credit card slips. b, e, and g are all correct. [Flagler is private] a is consumption; c is a government purchase, because FSU is a state organization; d is also a government purchase; f is an export....
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