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Test4_Practice_Book - Solutions to these problems will be...

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Physics 2212: Matter and Interactions Test 4: proving grounds Still need more problems to practice? 21.P.67, 21.P.69, 21.P.70, 21.P.71, 21.P.79, 21.P.83 22.P.19, 22.P.22, 22.P.23, 22.P.24, 22.P.25, 22.P.26, 22.P.29, 22.P.30, 22.P.33, 22.P.34 23.P.27, 23.P.28, 23.P.35, 23.P.36, 23.P.39, 23.P.41, 23.P.42, 23.P.44, 23.P.46, 23.P.52
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Unformatted text preview: Solutions to these problems will be posted soon But talk to me (or your TAs) if you need help Write down your work on paper and ask a physics expert to look it over with you In my experience, you don't get much from just asking a friend how they solved the problem...
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