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Word Bank 3 ISB 204 :   Applications of Biomedical Sciences Fall 2010 accommodation acetylcholine actin filament action potential adaptation age structure analogous structure anticodon appendicular skeleton aqueous humor arthritis auditory tube autonomic nervous system axial skeleton axon basilar membrane biogeography biotechnology bipedalism blind spot blood-brain barrier bottleneck effect bursae calcitonin carbon footprint carrying capacity cataract central nervous system cerebellum cerebral cortex cerebrospinal fluid cerebrum chemical evolution chemoreceptor choroid ciliary body cochlea codon compact bone complementary base pairing cones convergent evolution cornea cranial nerves cross-bridge deforestation dendrite deoxyribonucleic acid desertification DNA replication doubling time ecological footprint effector endosymbiont theory evolution external auditory canal fast-twitch muscle cells fitness fossil founder effect fovea ganglia gene
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ISB204_FS10_Word_Bank_3 - WordBank3...

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