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Unformatted text preview: -----------------------------16------------------------------Organs from Several Body Systems Eliminate WasteTrueThe Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder, and Urethra Make Up the UrinarySystemTrueHuman being cant live without one of the kidneysFalseWhich part of the urinary tract does urine exit through?UrerthraWhat is dialysis?A technique used to provide artificial replacement for lost kidney functionWhich hormone is manufactured by the hypothalamus and thentravels to the posterior pituitary for storage and release?Antidiuretic hormone (ADH)Which of the following methods can help men and women avoidurinary tract infections?All of the above What is Glomerular filtration? blood pressure forces water and small solutes from the blood in the glomerulus to the space inside the glomerular capsuleThe urinary system consists of what?2 kidneys, 2 ureters, 1 urinary bladder and 1 urethra What is a function of the kidneys?produces urine Where in the body are the kidneys located?above the waist against the back wall of the abdominal cavity______ is the elimination of wastes and excess substances fromthe body.Excretion______ transports urine from the urinary bladder to the outside ofthe body.UrethraThe outer region of the kidney is the _____________.renal cortexWhat is the term that describes when the kidneys stop working?renal failureIn one day, a pair of kidneys filters all of the blood in a body abouthow many times?30 timesAn infection of the kidneys is calledPyelonephritisWhich of the following is not a function of the kidneys?Stores urinePresence of microorganisms in the organs of the unary system cancauseA urinary tract infectionOne of the functions of the kidneys is:help regulate blood pressure and pHWhich is not one of the three functions of nephrons?tubular secretionWhich hormone does NOT influence kidney funciton?Antidiuretic hormoneThe Kidneys transform Vitamin _ into its active form.D Which is not one of the three regions of the Kidneys?basal gangliaThe renal corpuscle is made up of GlomerulusWhat does the anti diuretic hormone regulate?amount of water reabsorbed into water tubulesWhich of these is not a function of nephrons?Storing wastes and excess materialsWhich of the following is not a hormone involving kidneyfunction?ReninThe urinary system consists of all of the following exceptGallbladderAll of the following are nitrogen containing wastes produced bypeople except? Carbon dioxideThe Kidneys do all of the following except:deteriorate last-----------------------------17------------------------------What are the most important structures in the reproductive system in both males and females?...
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ISB204 Exam2 -...

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