Unit6StudyGuide - Unit 6 - Criminal Justice The Trial Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Unit 6 - Criminal Justice The Trial Due Process (39) - Protection against unfair laws and unfair procedures Ex Post Facto Law (35)- A law which is enacted and then retroactively applied- Unconstitutional Equality before the law - Goal of U.S. legal system to treat all who go before the court the same Crime Police Investigation Investigation - Probable Cause is needed to initiate investigation- (20) Judgment that a crime has been committed or is in the process of being committed Interrogations Miranda Rights (29)- Must be read when arrested or detained by police- Prohibits entrapment (illegal inducement by officers to encourage wrong-doing) Search Warrants (14)- Necessary when evidence requiring police to enter private property or places where is the expectation of privacy (must have a warrant before a search) Exclusionary Rule (30) - Rule that excludes illegally obtained evidence from the trial- Protects Constitutional rights Habeas Corpus - Protection against being held without being formally charged Arrest is made Custody (5th / 14th Amendments)s Detainment (Phone Call / Bail) Guarantees for a free trial in Constitution (24)- Free Counsel (5th Amendment) Public Defender (1)- Lawyer who is chosen by the state who works full time representing criminal defendants who cannot afford to hire an attorney- (2) A client cannot choose his or her public defender Charges are made Grand Jury (15) - A jury that is established for one year terms by a county, includes handing down indictments as well as investigating alleged wrongdoings at the local government level. (16) - To indict a person on a given charge, the Grand Jury simply takes majority vote....
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Unit6StudyGuide - Unit 6 - Criminal Justice The Trial Due...

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