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Gov Unit 3 Review 1. Calling the question makes for the immediate voting on the bill, hence does not delay the passage of a particular bill. 2. Iron triangle; each side has to get what they want, passed or failed, and thus must establish a compromise. 3. Congress sets members' salaries; however, the Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits a change in wages from taking effect during the same Congress in which it was enacted. 4. Current senate minority leader: Mitch McConnell 5. Presiding officer of the senate is Vice President, but President Pro Tempore when the VP is absent, which is most of the time except when there is a close vote. 6. The current Speaker of the House is Nancy Pelosi (D) 7. Marking up a bill is committee process of going over a bill word by word, line by line, and making changes in language or deleting/adding parts of a bill. 8. Constituent is the proper word for the citizens that a particular member of Congress represents. 9.
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