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unit 6 review - AP Unit 6 CRIMINAL JUSTICE REVIEW What is a...

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Unformatted text preview: AP Unit 6 CRIMINAL JUSTICE REVIEW What is a public defender? A lawyer who works full time representing criminal defendants who cannot afford to hire an attorney. Can you select any public defender you want? No, state chooses for you. Objections: Hearsay- if a witness offers an out of court statement to prove a matter asserted in the witness own testimony. Leading Question- have you stopped beating your wife? (questions that suggest the desired answer. What is a subpoena? A court order to appear to answer questions or provide testimony. What is considered when a judge sets bail? Previous record, crime, income, likelihood to show up for trial. Understand questioning during: Direct examination: witnesses to testify Cross examination: can propose leading questions Opening statements: summary, convincing Closing arguments: last words in trial, convincing and recap Understand who is doing the questioning: Prosecution/state Defense Why do defendants appeal? They call for the review of a trial b/c of a disputed point of law or a constitutional violation What must be obtained before a search if conducted? A warrant from the courtWhat must be obtained before a search if conducted?...
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