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16. Major figures: Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison. Glaringly absent: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry 17. Should protect property rights (?what else is there?) 18. James Madison viewed the Constitution as a way of balancing all of the factions that might appear. America is a country filled with diverse interests—rich and poor, Protestant and Catholic, northerner and southerner, farmer and merchant, etc. Each interest group would constitute a faction. Separation of powers and federalism (between state and national governments) would prevent any one faction from gaining control of the whole government by splitting power between factions. 19. Telling dirty jokes. Just kidding. I’m not sure. I searched online and it said the most common activity is searching for political information. Maybe (in the notes it says something like this) its just voting, usually at presidential elections (much less voter turnout during midterm elections) 20. Not high at all. Last greatest high was 63% in 1960, has declined ever since, but rose a
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