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20 Soul Music lecture outline

20 Soul Music lecture outline - ROCK AND ROLL PART 2 SOUL...

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ROCK AND ROLL, PART 2: SOUL & FUNK IN THE 1960S James Brown (1928-2006) Famous Flames – James Brown’s Band Funk Aesthetics - Percussive singing - Interlocking parts - Polyrhythms - Call and response – with percussion strictly disciplined band “out of sight” LISTEN: “Cold Sweat” SOUL MUSIC VIDEO OUTLINE We will watch a video, “Respect,” during the second part of the Lecture. Use the following slides as an outline for your notes on this video ROOTS OF SOUL MUSIC Gospel crossover - Sam Cooke – left soulsters to become pop - Ray Charles – different feeling from singers in church. Ray set the tone with “I Got a Woman” MOTOWN RECORDS (DETROIT) Berry Gordy – owner, from Detriot, High school drop out, writer. Named Motown Hitsville USA. Artists, composers, & producers Norman Witfield, Smokey Robinson, Mary Wells, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson Holland-Dozier- writer, Holland were brothers, real gospel, The Motown sound – had to be cross over. Good lyrics with rhythm, rhythm out front,
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