24 Film & Cartoon Music Outline

24 Film & Cartoon Music Outline - Worked for Disney...

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GMUS 203: Music in America Dr. Andrew Connell Lecture Outline: Cartoon Music FILM SCORING Musical Sources: Romantic classical music – late 19 th century Opera Italian opera Rossini, Donnizetti Richard Wagner – his operas Popular music – using influence from pop music LEITMOTIF - A brief melody, chord progression, or rhythm Associated with: Individuals Ideas Places Used in opera, instrumental music, film scores, video games ex. Star Wars WARNER BROS. CARTOONS Carl Stallings (1891-1972) Music Director for Warner Bros. Silent film accompanist – live musical accompaniment, music for themes in movies,
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Unformatted text preview: Worked for Disney and Warner Bros. met Walt Disney, started scoring early works, Pioneered bar sheets story boards, series of sketches for order of scenes, visual outline, beats and speed of music, compose the music without seeing the film, Quotes & musical jokes used how many steps, bugs bunny, made use of popular tunes, brilliant musician, named funny music titles Listen: Putty Tat Trouble recording session (1951) running up a tree, VIDEO EXAMPLE Whats Opera, Doc? (1957) Jones & Stalling Uses Wagnerian operatic themes 1...
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