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24 Film & Cartoon Music Outline

24 Film & Cartoon Music Outline - Worked for Disney...

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GMUS 203: Music in America Dr. Andrew Connell Lecture Outline: Cartoon Music FILM SCORING Musical Sources: Romantic classical music – late 19 th century Opera Italian opera Rossini, Donnizetti Richard Wagner – his operas Popular music – using influence from pop music LEITMOTIF - A brief melody, chord progression, or rhythm Associated with: Individuals Ideas Places Used in opera, instrumental music, film scores, video games ex. Star Wars WARNER BROS. CARTOONS Carl Stallings (1891-1972) Music Director for Warner Bros. Silent film accompanist – live musical accompaniment, music for themes in movies,
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Unformatted text preview: Worked for Disney and Warner Bros. – met Walt Disney, started scoring early works, Pioneered “bar sheets” – story boards, series of sketches for order of scenes, visual outline, beats and speed of music, compose the music without seeing the film, Quotes & musical jokes – used how many steps, bugs bunny, made use of popular tunes, “brilliant musician, named funny music titles” Listen: Putty Tat Trouble recording session (1951) – running up a tree, VIDEO EXAMPLE What’s Opera, Doc? (1957) – Jones & Stalling Uses Wagnerian operatic themes 1...
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