Exam 1 Review - Exam 1 Review Mix of Lectures and Readings...

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Exam 1 Review Mix of Lectures and Readings but mainly lectures. Listening Component. Mix of Multiple Choice and True/False. 70 Questions Into Lecture/Terminology Culture – set of beliefs and practices that define people Enculturation – happens to a baby Acculturation – between two groups happened to Indians. Appropriation – happen from people around us. Intra – inside culture Inter culture – with other cultures Eurocentric – from point of view of practitioners – avoid Organ logy – by vibration Chordophone – ex guitar Idiophone – body viabrates ex wooden block Frequency = Pitch Amplitude = Volume Spectrum = timbre Rhythem – time relationship Meter – Duple or Triple Melody – What people remember about the tune Scales – Primarily on 7 scales or pentatonic Ornamentation – What singers add to song Syllabic – hang on one syllable Mellismatic – ex. Aguilera Harmony – What guitar or piano plays Chord – two or three notes at once Monophonic – single voice Heterophony – little differences with two different voices. Polyphonic – all different Form – Verse-chorus American Indian Music - Not a lot of records of Music. Mainly oral tradition - Conversion to Chrisitianity whipped out American Indian Music - Music was linked to Ritual and spiritual - Songs weren’t Composed o Came about through vision quest - Ownership was mainly of tribe - Importance of song is through efficacy - Music mostly monophonic (pentatonic Scales) - Use vocables – syllables. - Drums and Rattles (Idiophones) and Flute - Regional Differences o Plains Style – intertribal, powwow, multiple drum players, nasal singing, descending contours, end with honor beats o Southwest Style – Angular contours, smaller drum, long short,
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o Northwest Pacific Style – Smoother, more complex melodies, log drums rattles, in different shapes of animals - Trail of Tears – Migration of different Indians into Oklahoma and had no cultural characteristics. Blended cultures - Ghost Dance – disappearance of white man. Persecudeted by Government. And ended in wounded men - Peyote Cult – ingested peyote cactus, Native American Church - Powwow – preserve Indian Culture - Group Ulali – Makh Jehi th Cent British Isles) - Ballads – Narrative Folk Sounds brought from British Islads - Created in Stanzas and strophic text (repeats) - Existed in Oral Tradition, some of the details change but emotional core stays the same - Imported – come from british isads - Naturalized – from british but more local context - Native – Newly composed ballads in new world - Broadside Ballads – printed on broadside Ballads set to popular tune of the
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Exam 1 Review - Exam 1 Review Mix of Lectures and Readings...

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